Alyson (Stack) Albano, M.S., LMFT, PMH-C
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#53325

1452 26th Street Suite 302 Santa Monica, CA 90404 310.861.7564 

Welcome to my practice. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides psychotherapy in Santa Monica.  I work with adults, adolescents, couples and families, presenting with a range of symptoms. The fact that you have made it here likely means you are looking to get the help you need and make the necessary changes to experience a full life.  Life is difficult and to be human is to struggle. Long gone are the days when attending therapy was viewed as "weak". Increasing your support system and seeing the world through a new lens can be relieving and comforting. Beginning the course towards self-actualization is courageous work

I have provided psychotherapy to a collection of individuals from a wide range of demographics, including:

    • Substance Use Disorders
    • Gambling Disorder Problem Gambling behavior
    • Perintal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
    • Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders 
    • Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating and Body Image Issues
    • Environmental stressors including DUIs and related issues
    • Depression and Mood Disorders
    • Complex and Developmental Trauma 
    • Existential and Spiritual Growth Issues
    • Relationship Issues for Individuals and Couples
    • Transitional Life Issues, particularly, Quarter-life crisis
    • Work, Creativity and Career Issues

Addiction and related compulsive behaviors are mechanisms in which people cope when they have not learned to experience emotional pain, "legitimate suffering" (Jung). Contrary to popular belief, substances are not the problem, they become the solution. If you find yourself repeating the same patterns, I can help you uncover why you are stuck.   I focus on treating individuals on personal paths of recovery, as well as the underlying trauma that drives their behavior and contributes to relapse.

You do not have to be ready for therapy.  My focus is on meeting you in your process, understanding ambivalence as part of change. To begin the journey, you have to start somewhere. You are not alone and ultimately, with self-discipline and support, you will reach a milestone. To make an appointment or free consultation, I can be contacted at my office anytime at: