"Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering" ~Jung

The Therapeutic Relationship

I am confident that we can co-create a safe place where exploring your most intimate struggles is possible. The confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship allows for a deeper exploration of your thoughts and feelings. My intention is to nurture the process while you experience catharsis, eliminating toxicity in the forms of shame, secrets and affliction.

Substance use Disorders & Compulsive Behaviors

I have extensive training with treating individuals in various forms of recovery, as well as the underlying trauma that drives their behavior and contributes to relapse. For more information about my education and background, please go to the page About Alyson.



I approach anxiety from two angles, first from a physiological/somatic perspective. Anxiety is a survival instinct that has evolved over millions of years in order to protect us. It is a series of reflexes and responses that affect our mind and body as we become prepared to avoid or manage dangerous situations. A level of anxiety is necessary and healthy.

Secondly, psychodynamically, I will help you understand your anxiety and address your inner conflicts.  Together, we will work existentially and psychodynamically to reconcile your inner conflicts.

Disordered Eating

I work from an Intuitive Eating and "Red Herring" perspective to treat your eating disorders. Food and weight are not the issue, but rather a tangible source of control for your underlying emotional suffering. This false sense of control prevents you from examining and attending to the pain.

I will work with you to explore and uncover what function food, weight and body image are playing in your life, support and guide you with practical tools to teach you to replace your maladaptive patterns with sustaining comforts, such as relationships.